We recently stumbled across an open letter written by Lisa Hilton (see below), the managing director of Rehab London: a small British mens grooming range addressed to Monster Drinks; a huge energy drink manufacturing corporation from overseas. The letter pleads with Monster to counter their trademark objections over the use of ‘Rehab’ used in the name of ‘Rehab London’.

It appears that Monster have just launched a new energy drink called “Rehab the Monster” and despite Rehab London being granted a level 3 trademark in 2007 and 2011, Monster Drinks are still trying to turn this business into turmoil. We were intrigued by this evident case of corporate bullying and after our research we discovered that this is not the only attempt that Monster have made to try and destroy smaller businesses that are an “inconvenience”.

Today signifies a social experiment that we will be conducting with Rehab London to discover how effectively social media can be optimised to spread the awareness of this grotesque bullying attempt and to try and salvage such an iconic brand with a huge future ahead of them. Join us by tweeting #FighttheMonster on Twitter and share with us your views and opinions, helping to raise awareness about this evident case of corporate bullying.

Click here to help spread the word on Twitter! Also please help support Rehab London and other smaller businesses that have been victimised by the energy drink by using the hashtag #FighttheMonster to spread awareness and to share your own views and opinions.